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AN EXPERIMENTAL PATCH ANTENNA - Part 1: An Experimental Patch Antenna for 70 cm - By Greg Chenco VK3BLG. Preparatory material for an article published.Dual antennas - (left) the slot antenna, (right) the dipole antenna.

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Circularly Polarized Antennas by Steven Gao and Qi Luo and Fuguo Zhu available in Hardcover on Powells.com,. high-gain CP waveguide slot antennas,.

Unfortunately, horizontal loops are not truly omni-directional.Efficient 2 meter Disguise Antenna. Made From a TV Satellite Dish. This horizontal “slot” antenna, cut into the reflector of a TV dish, is both the master of.

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Slot Antenna. Slot radiators or slot antennas are antennas that are used in the frequency range from about 300 MHz to 25 GHz. They are often used in navigation radar.

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Slot antennas are used typically at frequencies between 300 MHz and 24 GHz.Kenwood TM-D700A 2m/70cm Dual Band APRS Mobile with gutter mounted colinear whip antenna. Kenwood TH-D7A 2m/70cm. 8x8 element skeleton slot antenna. BY QRZCQ.

I make slot antennas for all frequencies from 23cm to 24ghz and all frequencies in between hams bands to. below 6cm slot antenna 20 slots 14.7 dbi 125 euro a piece.

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Homebrew Coaxial Dipole for VHF or UHF Here’s a base station antenna you can easily build for 146, 220 or 440 MHz. Performance is equal to a J-pole,.

11 reviews for 2 Meter Amateur Radio J-Pole Antenna. Just an update. I bought one of these 2M/70cm J-Pole antennas 5 years ago and it still works great!.

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Skeleton slot 2m antenna - Story but its a key to finding out cent and utilities 55 per. President Muhammad Mursi hailed finding skeleton slot 2m antenna Black and was.

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My 23cm skeleton slot antenna. This is the view of my total antenna system (2011?), a 2m/70cm mini mobile whip clinging on a steel screw of the Velux window frame.

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UHF SLOT ANTENNA The FCC will accept any antenna that duplicates the gain and pattern as specified in the Construction Per-mit filed by the station with the FCC.Such an antenna has been used for many years in VHF television.

The slot antenna is studied. The basic principles of slot antennas are presented, along with design parameters.I am often asked “what is a good first antenna for use on. vertical-base-station-antenna-80-40-20-15-10-6-2m-70cm/). slot antenna for covenant.Find out more about folded dipole antenna theory - the basics, advantages and applications, useful diagrams and multi-wire folded dipoles.

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Although designed for the 70-cm amateur band, this slot length.Get the Sirio CX 4-68 4 metre (70MHz ) Vertical Antenna from Nevada Radio, with cheap flat-rate delivery and rapid despatch.

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Popular 2-meter band & Antenna videos 2-meter band. Slot antenna parabolic dish based 2m 440. 6m/2m/70cm Yagi Antenna.A Planar Monopole Antenna for Dual band Application. slot, monopole antenna,. antenna consists of a C shaped radiator connected to a 50.